Safe Routes to School

KMM is proud to be a recipient of a Safe Routes to School (SRTS) grant from the NJ Department of Transportation. This funding will enable us to help schools implement non-infrastructure safe routes to school programs such as Walking School Bus, Youth Bicycle Education, and Walk and Bike to school events. The grant also contains opportunities to develop School Travel Plans and to recognize community organizers who have devoted time and talent to SRTS. All of these services are available to no cost to your school.

Safe Routes to School is a nationwide movement to enable and encourage children in grades K-8 to walk and bicycle safely to school. The 3 "Es" -- education, encouragement, and enforcement -- are the foundation of the Safe Routes to School program. Our grant will allow us to focus on education and encouragement by constructing a program tailored specifically to the needs and resources of your school.

Getting Started

A SRTS program benefits from an energetic committee of educators, parents, public safety officers and municipal officials. KMM can help organize this group, educate members and assist with student travel tallies and parent/caregiver surveys.

Walk and Bike to School Events

Walk and bike events, like International Walk to School Day in October, are a great way to introduce a SRTS program. KMM can work with organizers to plan the event, map a suitable route and provide support materials.

Bike Rodeo

Help students learn the right way to bicycle on the trail or the road and practice these skills in a safe, supervised setting. KMM can help plan your bike rodeo, lay out a safety course and train volunteers.

Bike Safety Presentation

KMM can present a 20-minute program on bike safety including helmet use and fitting, basic traffic rules and parts of the bicycle. Ideal for grades 4-6.

Walk Safety Assembly

Crossing the street, traffic signals, crosswalks and more are covered in this 45-minute program for first and second graders. About half the time is spent practicing these new skills on a mock street laid out on the floor.

Walking School Bus

A walking school bus is a group of students walking together to school on a regular basis. Parents often take turns "driving" the bus, walking with the students and providing supervision. KMM can help plan a route, assist in developing policies and procedures and provide a safety orientation to volunteers.

School Travel Plan

The School Travel Plan is a blueprint for making your community safer to walk and bike. KMM can prepare the plan with the participation of the Board of Education, municipality, parents and community leaders.

Sustainable Jersey

A SRTS program is eligible for points toward municipal Sustainable New Jersey certification. KMM can assist your team in preparing the documentation needed for this program.

NJ SRTS Recognition Program

Communities that implement SRTS programs are eligible for recognition in the statewide program at First Step, Bronze, Silver or Gold levels.

Video Explaining SRTS

Watch KMM explain the importance of Safe Routes to School programs:
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